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giOpsCenter’s monitoring enhancements to Kaseya provide precise status and trends across each important component of your IT infrastructure. These enhancements include a wide array of predefined and customizable dashboards offering views on all critical elements.

Greater Intell’s dashboards enable “at-a-glance” access to critical variables and real-time events across your infrastructure. These dashboards exist in many areas of gi’s product line and provide a new way to visualize your Kaseya information right down to the individual agent level. They are included with gi’s “Smart Action” feature that simplifies and automates IT administration and maintenance.

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Power & Control

Dashboard Control Center

giOpsCenter provides a collection of powerful dashboards that bring together all the critical data from your Greater Intell enhanced Kaseya platform, and present that data in ways never before possible.

Using Greater Intell developed methods, giOpsCenter dashboards combine statistics already collected from existing Kaseya Agents with geospatial information about organizations, locations, and team members, including traffic data, radar and weather.

Tasks, schedules, alerts, logs, performance statistics and other important information are at your fingertips in a real-time view of all relevant data in your field of operations, allowing you to effectively manage the business or department.

Designed for a multiple monitor, big screen environment, giOpsCenter allows the true power of Kaseya to become more accessible than ever before.

Features & Benefits

giOpsCenter - Formerly giSABER - Scheduling assets, incidents, problems, people & time...
In any IT operations department or company, assets, incidents, problems, people and time are the key elements that require management and association. giOpsCenter combined with Kaseya provides you the tools and interface needed to make those associations and manage these elements. By linking tickets, tasks, alarms or free text events to both an admin and a calendar, managing the schedules of you team and the challenges they face has never been simpler.

Whether it is scheduling of the entire team in the Scheduling view or its viewing the specifics of an individual in the Admin Detail, knowing who needs to be where when is now at your fingertips and displayed on the big screens right next to all the other critical information about the systems you are responsible for.

Kaseya has long been an industry leader in providing tools to manage computers. giOpsCenter extends and enhances this ability, providing the MSP a single place to manage all critical component of your business, your team. We bring together all of the various data sources within your KServer where admin logs are recorded, and consolidate and present the information specific to the admin you are viewing. We chart this data for a graphical view of each admins activity.

giOpsCenter ‘s extensions to Kaseya allow additional data about your admins to be stored, history of location data collected from the giMobile application to be displayed, stop reports to show how long they spent at each location helps both you and them to log and analyze time.

Whether its surfacing information already buried in you Kaseya database or its collection and storage of new data enabled by giOpsCenter, the aggregation and presentation in this powerful view will enhance operations of any business.

The evolution of threats is advancing just a quickly as technology itself. Hacking into business systems is no longer the hobby of the few; it has become an industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Kaseya provides you critical tools that help insure all of your systems are quickly and automatically patched with the latest Microsoft and third party patches and updates. giOpsCenter enables you the peace of mind by showing in detailed dashboards real time status of your systems and security updates. Now you have a single place to look every day to determine that compliance and SLA’s are being met.

Kaseya has some powerful monitoring and data collection capabilities. Its ability to collect and chart performance counters, up/down status, and transition details of processes and services can be extremely valuable when troubleshooting a specific machine. giOpsCenter significantly enhances this information by assembling it in ways that allow visibility into collections of machines in a single view. Data relationships can be correlated based on greater visibility and real time perspectives into entire groups or otherwise related computers and monitor types.

Toplists allow us to surface machines that are performing highest in certain categories and display them for you in real time. Things like highest CPU consumption, lowest available memory, lowest disk space, allowing you to quickly identify problem areas right from your existing Kaseya data.

Our Monitoring and TopList dashboards allows you to quickly determine what the conditions are, where the issues are or simply confirm that everything is ok, all within a single glance.

Location Awareness is a critical element in managing a mobile work force and any geographically diverse infrastructure. Being able to visually see on an interactive map the entire area of operations, the location of assets, the state of those assets, the location of admins and the details needed to properly make decisions regarding the utilization of all elements under your control has never been more available.

giOpsCenter’s primary UI is a powerful map that enables complete situational awareness for any Kaseya customer.

By extending the database tables of Kaseya we have added significant functionality to the concepts of Orgs and Groups. First, we provide a simple and intuitive ability to add addresses for every individual Kaseya Group that can in turn be displayed on your map. Second, we have created a “state” for Groups, which allows a Group to be in alarm or not in alarm based on the conditions of the machines that are located within a group. This means if a critical “Priority” system goes offline, the Alarm becomes immediately visible from the Map by displaying the Group in its alarm state.

The concepts of these features allow gi> to incorporate addition geo-specific data into the interface to help you make better decisions and interpret the conditions being reported. Things like traffic details, weather overlays and power outage feeds are already under development for future releases of giOpsCenter.

Bullet Points

  • At-A-Glance access to critical variables and real-time events
  • New way to visualize your Kaseya information
  • Tasks, schedules, alerts, logs, performance statistics
  • Designed for a multiple monitor, big screen environment
  • Extended database tables adds significant functionality to the concepts of Orgs and Group


giOpsCenter - Formerly giSABER

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