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giMobile incorporates the power of mobile access to information, geographical awareness, centralized coordination and communication into an integrated module within Kaseya.

giMobile is a user interface for Kaseya that is powerful and easy to use. It is designed specifically for the requirements of the mobile user. Everything a mobile user needs is only a few taps away. Location awareness allows mapping supported organizations, with quick access to associated tickets.

The Push-To-Talk feature allows quick communication with other team members. There are push notifications for high priority alerts, as well as weather, traffic and navigation overlays that provide crucial real time information the user can leverage for better response.

   *** Requires giLens to be installed on KServer ***

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Features & Benefits

Splashtop Integration within giMobile
Automation is powerful, but nothing replaces the ability to remotely control a server or workstation from anywhere you have a cell signal or Wi-Fi connection. Greater Intell has partnered with a premier provider to combine the reach of Kaseya with one of the most advanced remote control technologies on the planet. The concept works!

Mobile device users know the value of Maps and the magic of having your location pinpointed for you. Now your entire team can have the locations of their Kaseya Groups, the status of those groups and the locations of other admins all together on one advanced map view. With the touch of a finger you can drill into issues and alerts and see geo-spatial relationships that might be caused by power outages or weather events.

This Map centric view is an incredible intuitive interface to manage a geographically dispersed environment.

giOpsCenter adds a new method of being alerted to incidents reported from your Kaseya Server. For many admins, email has simply become too noisy to be a reliable method of being alerted.

By using the power of the Apple Push Notification System (APNS) you can receive popup alerts on you iOS device the moment your KServer has an incident to inform you about. Acknowledging this alert can link you directly to details and tools needed to resolve the issue.

High priority alarms can be configured to send a Push Notification, and when tapped on your mobile device will take you directly to the alarm.

giMobile includes a powerful Push To Talk function that allows collaborative communication among all users within a Kaseya Scope. Our Push To Talk technology is provided by Circle Apps LLC.

This means you entire team can be available to any technician or administrator requesting guidance or advice. Others can listen on to the discussion, insuring the entire team remains in sync and benefits from to questions and answers from other team members. The delineation based of selected scope means that each scope gets its own channel. Only members that are actively part of that scope will receive audio messages.

One on one conversation is also possible with any admin listed in the admin screen.

Similar to a CB or police radio, this form of communication can help the entire team stay connected, informed, aware and educated as they go through their day.

Kaseya’s scripting engine is one of the most powerful aspects of their solution. Procedures can perform virtually any function that can be performed at the keyboard. Having access to this function from the road can be instrumental in resolving issues or performing tasks. Greater Intell further extends Kaseya’s Agent Procedures by allowing you to edit any variable at run time.

By allowing control and execution of procedures from Mobile devices, gi> provides unparalleled power in the palm of your hands.

Access to the critical information for all your agents.

Bullet Points

  • Map centric view is an incredible intuitive interface to manage a geographically dispersed environment
  • Quickly analyze issues and alerts & see geo-spatial relationships that might be caused by power outages or weather events
  • One on one conversation is possible with any admin listed in the admin screen


giMobile — Remote Control with Splashtop Integration

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