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Product Description

giBeacon is the latest solution from Greater Intell that enables MSPs and IT departments to finally get a handle on the wide array of devices they need to manager in their widely dispersed networks.

It is a simple remote agentless monitoring solution that costs far less than other products that are often bloated with advanced – but unnecessary - features.

giBeacon can monitor the elements of common devices such as printers, routers, switches, and more. Popular networking protocols like SNMP are built in for easy deployment. Furthermore, the product is architected to set the stage for monitoring the wide array of sensors and devices being deployed in numerous IoT (Internet of Things) applications and systems.

The easy implementation of giBeacon makes it perfect for small/medium businesses and the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that serve them.

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giBeacon & IoT Management

giBeacon manages a constant flow of information in all conditions sets and the stage for understanding product lifecycles, historical network data, and more. Networks and device interactions become more predictable and understandable over time. Perfect for small/medium businesses and the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that serve them!

Features & Benefits

Agents/collectors can be deployed in-network to monitor pieces of the network or entire segments

Ability to manage machines that do not have an operating systems

Single pane of glass – Now you can finally have an integrated real-time dashboard of all your devices and computing endpoints

No VPN Is Required for giBeacon

Increased visibility, support and reoccurring revenue with very little setup or support time

giBeacon is a Cloud service that continuously learns new equipment