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Greater Intell's full spectrum of Professional and Developer services for IT Management platforms are focused on delivering long term value for each potential customer and client engagement.

Our objective is to be a trusted advisor and product supplier to the industry.

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Focused on Integration

Great Intell’s developer services are focused on integration of software tools and technologies into RMM and PSA platforms used by MSPs and enterprise IT departments. Our company has a special focus on the Kaseya IT Management platform based on our founders’ long experience with the company and platform. If you are looking for a way to integrate with IT Management platforms while also showcasing your IT product, Great Intell can help you achieve your goals.

Our Kaseya expertise includes integration of new technology into the platform and spans all layers and components. This includes UI metaphors, menu structures, APIs at all levels, integration into the core Kaseya architecture, and version control.

Our Specific developer services and
integration capabilities include:

  • Our understanding of Kaseya’s roles and scopes features enable us to provide a unique level of flexibility and security for integrated solutions

  • Integration with multi-tenancy capabilities enables secure and streamlined MSP client operations

  • Our team’s knowledge of Kaseya’s automation capabilities helps deliver tighter integration via powerful features like Kaseya’s agent procedures

  • Integration into automatic installation routines to make it easier for your product to penetrate existing platform installations

  • Many IT products require integration with machine, user, and organizational profiles. The team at GI has done this integration numerous times and knows the nuances and details of getting it right

  • Monitoring integration is a foundational piece of all our integrations so that alarms and remediation can be built into complete solutions for our customers

  • Kaseya and other platforms have a wealth of features for managing mass configuration and maintenance. We’ll help you leverage those to improve product penetration and user satisfaction

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